High Time for High Fives

When was the last time you high fived? Was something missing? Was it just that same old, palm on palm, hand slapping hand kind of five? 😕

There is one thing that would make your high five approximately 1 million times better - and it's CONFETTI, blasting out of your hands when you slap. YES, PEOPLE. The Fiesta Five is real and it's our favorite celebration mechanism.

Because it doesn't matter what ur celebrating. Your friend had a baby. Your sister graduated from college. Someone's married. Someone's birthday. A dog's birthday. Your own birthday.

We thought that a high five was the pinnacle of human joy. We were wrong. It's the Fiesta Five. Strap one on + celebrate already. 👋🏼 🎉👋🏼 

kate myers
S'more to Love

Today, apparently, is National S'more Day. So get out there, set something on fire, and hold on - ur gonna need some marshmallows.

Wondermade makes DA BEST 'mallows. I just love them. They're a husband-wife duo in the great state of Florida, spinning sugar like bosses. We have eaten SO many of their marshmallows it's really frightening actually. Don't judge us. They are reeeeally light and once you've had one, I mean, you can't NOT finish the box. It's just rude.

Their birthday cake marshmallows are so cute and if you love someone, you will send them these. I mean, look at that s'more. It has sprinkles in it. That's the definition of Summer Birthday Fun, in sugar form.

These Floridian sugar geniuses also - wait for it - make champagne marshmallows. So, if you're wondering what it looks like when you've really made it in life, spoiler alert: it looks like getting a box of Champs Mallows in the mail. 🍾 🥂 🍾

kate myers
Hey What's Happening

You don't forget your brother's birthday. You know it as well as your own. It's just that you remember that his birthday is happening the day before. Which is too late to send a present, let alone a cool one, and really, even a card is getting there late.

So you call him on his birthday, which is great. But you know what would be even greater? Sending him something.

The birthday is happening. You are thoughtful. You love your brother. You just need a little reminder. 

We get it.

Kelly and I met while working in entertainment. We both lived in New York. We both moved to LA at some point. We moved back to NY. We went back and forth to LA a bunch. In there, there was a lot of space to forget when big things happen, like our sibling's birthdays, friends birthdays, even Mother's Day and Father's Day, and anniversaries, which came and went with boyfriends.

We started Happening so that someone, anyone, would just shoot us a text 2 weeks out and say: Hey, you. This is happening. Heads up. Do the nice thing you always wanna do but don't remember to do in time. 

Be that friend 🎉 

kate myers